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What is land use?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Land Development & Zoning

New Hampshire is booming with business, and it is a great place to start building commercial property. However,  it is important to understand land use regulations and how they impact your investments. Land use refers to the use and regulation of land for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural purposes. It is heavily regulated to protect the interests of both the environment and its inhibitors.

Gaining a clear understanding of land use regulations and zoning laws is valuable for making informed decisions regarding your commercial properties.

Recognizing the importance of land use regulation

Land use regulations maintain community integrity and functionality. First, these regulations work with different types of land uses to align with community goals, safety standards and environmental considerations. These regulations can help you navigate the requirements and restrictions of your property.

Understanding the impact of zoning laws

Zoning laws, a fundamental aspect of land use regulations, divide jurisdictions into different zones or districts. Each zone has its own set of permitted uses and restrictions. Familiarizing yourself with the zoning laws relevant to your commercial property is important. It allows you to move forward with your plans while adhering to zoning requirements.

Securing necessary permits

When developing a property, be sure to obtain the required permits. These permits make sure that your property complies with land use regulations and meets the necessary standards for safety, accessibility and environmental impact.

Understanding land use regulations and their impact on your New Hampshire commercial properties is vital for informed decision-making. Moving forward, you can follow these regulations and laws while securing the land needed for your commercial property.