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Handling accusations of fund misappropriation for condo members

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Community & Condominium Associations

In New Hampshire, condo association members bear the responsibility of managing the finances of the community. Owners entrust them with the task of using the condo fees collected from owners responsibly. But what happens when a condo owner accuses these members of misappropriating funds?

Here are some steps to handle this potentially damaging situation and resolve the accusations.

Maintain clear communication

When accusations of fund misappropriation arise, You need to try to maintain open lines of communication. Address the concerned party’s claims in a professional and timely manner. Understand the specifics of the accusation and clarify any misunderstanding that might have led to the allegation.

Review financial records

You must review all relevant financial documents that can help prove your innocence. These may include bank statements, invoices, receipts and financial reports. These documents will help show where you used the funds and for what purpose.

Present the evidence

Once you compile all necessary documents, present them to the accuser and the entire association. This transparency will provide everyone with a clear understanding of the financial transactions and potentially clear any doubts.

Follow established processes

Every condo association has processes in place for handling financial matters. Always adhere to these processes and ensure they are clearly documented. This documentation can serve as proof that you followed protocol, which may help dispel accusations.

Hold a meeting

Invite all condo association members and the accusing party to a meeting. Use this meeting as an opportunity to present your evidence, clarify any misconceptions and answer questions. This open forum allows for constructive dialogue and can help resolve the issue.

Seek help from an accountant

If the issue persists despite your best efforts, you might want to hire an accountant. An independent financial audit can help to reassure all parties that the funds are being handled correctly. Remember, the goal is to prove the transparency and integrity of the association’s financial management.

An accusation of fund misappropriation can be a serious issue for a condo association. It can cause a rift within the community and potentially damage the reputation of the accused parties. By following these steps, condo association members can effectively respond to these allegations, maintain their integrity and ensure the smooth functioning of the condo community.