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Administration And Probate

Estate And Trust Administration

Cronin Bisson & Zalinsky P.C. provides services for all stages of estate and trust administration.

Losing a family member or friend is a difficult experience. The next steps can be stressful. Some estates require court-supervised administration, whereas others are administered partially or totally outside of court. Administration of an estate depends upon which estate planning choices were made during the lifetime. We provide the expertise and experience you might need in a personal and respectful manner.

Estate Administration

Estate administration requires a person’s executor or administrator to locate, secure and manage the property of the decedent. Assets held in the name of the decedent alone are subject to probate administration. Assets held in some form of joint ownership or payable to a designated beneficiary are not subject to probate administration and pass by operation of law. For all assets titled in the decedent’s name, the probate process is necessary whether the decedent had a will or not so that it passes where the decedent wanted it to go.

Trust Administration

A trust is another way to manage asset transfer to the next generation. A trustee holds and manages property to be transferred as set forth in the trust.

Trustees often lack the time, resources or knowledge to personally administer the trust, and therefore may call upon legal, accounting and investment professionals for assistance. We can help deal with the complexities of trust administration as well as help coordinate accountants, investment services or other needed professionals during the management of the trust.

Guiding You Carefully And Confidently Through Probate

Probate, or the process of enforcing a will and distributing the assets of an estate, is one of the most important steps of estate administration. It is not easy, especially in the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death. Our attorneys work with you collaboratively to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Seek Counsel For These Complex Processes

You do not have to navigate the difficult aspects of trusts, probate, and estate administration on your own. To schedule an initial consultation, please call our Manchester law office at 603-696-6193 or send us an email.